How are you living it?

Like the sound of a Japanese flute weaving through the silence?
Like a dirt bike navigating quickly between the chollas?
Like sour dough bread rising to its’ fullest?

There are so many possibilities…

Sometimes there are no words…

For silent support:
Join colleagues from around the world to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” each day from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Our fourth week begins tomorrow. It has become a refuge for many of us.

The Zoom room opens around 5:50am Mountain. So come early and settle in. Then at 6am we begin. Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

Words Unsaid…

…cultivate elongated silences
where Beginners Mind is birthed
and the mysteries arise.

Find your cushion.
Sit as the words dissolve.
Breathe into the silence.

When ready, stand up
And move into the ever-changing world
Allowing what is, to be.

Noise and U-Turns

Noise comes to us in many forms and from many directions. Before it dominates your consciousness do a U-Turn.

Go inside into the deep silence.

Let yourself be embraced by silence. Absorbed by silence. Let yourself become silence.

Then after silence has hydrated you, come back into the Outer World accompanied by your ally, Silence.

Investigate the noise with Silence as the core.

What do you notice?