To Avoid Trance-like Behavior…

It’s all about Mind Training.

Consciously stand tall with big heart:
Somatically, mindfully, creatively

Check in with yourself.
Stay in this moment
And do not indulge in Monkey MInd’s
Past or future triggers.

To avoid going into trance be aware of ~
•What thoughts you are running.
•What feelings you are experiencing.
•What images are arising
from the dead past or the imagined future.

Shake your body to keep the qi circulating..
Listen to your body’s wisdom.
Find antidotes to the trances.

Remember: This is not a time for lassitude,

Neither This nor That

Living in Suchness

Bearing Witness to Just This

Breathing into What Is

Image yourself into being alive in a world of non-duality. A world where it is neither this nor that. A world of just this. A world where we walk with what is.

What is happening somatically as you mindfully imagine yourself participating in a non-dual world?

Give yourself time to play with this. Watch for shifts in consciousness.