Entanglements with family, friends and colleagues happen. They usually arise from lack of trust,  disrespecting established boundaries and the inability or unwillingness to directly communicate our needs. 

The icy frozen environment of entanglement
Santa Fe, New Mexico 200211 Ann-Marie

It is not uncommon when in the midst of entanglement with another to feel there is no way out. The inner roughhousing between you, your Monkey Mind and Gremlin can not only be hurtful, disruptful and damaging but can infiltrate your well being and the well being of others.  

When caught in the web of entanglement remember, Everything is a teaching.  
•Clearly ask yourself, “What needs are going unmet for me?  
•What needs are going unmet for the other person?”  
•Once unmet needs are established ask, “How will I meet these needs?”
•Listen with a Growth Mindset and do at least one action each day until the mind and heart have settled.

For a Needs Inventory from Center for NonViolent Communication click here:

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