Combining the sedentary with an activity

Much is being written about the fun of streaming movies, baking sour dough breads, reading, and zooming with friends.

To stay balanced remember to include movement. Qi Gung, tai chi, yoga, a huff and puff walk/run, wild dancing, strength training, art work, and gardening are all worthy to counteract any stagnant qi.

Why the combination? Being sedentary can trigger lethargy, depression and hopelessness. By purposely moving deeply into activity we jump over separating and destructive emotions. Spirit Openers abound!

For me the best combination in the morning is sitting on my cushion with qi gung soon after. Then mid-day another sit with a good huff and puff walk after. At sunset a bit of gardening with a book on the back portal later.

What might be your combination?

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