“Yes,” I agreed, “it’s more than difficult.”

I wanted to say something wise. Something that would give her hope. Something that would help her move out of the deep suffering. But there were no words.

As her heart burst open over Zoom I listened as she wept. Her agony, despair, and powerlessness swirled virtually around us.

Then a purposeful Mama Hummingbird began dive bombing me on the back portal with speed, determination and focus.. She was protecting her nest filled with two just-hatched babies. She was relentless.

What happened next I will always remember. My friend shifted. Her body down-regulated and her face began to relax. Closing her eyes she said, “Hummingbirds symbolize healing. They are seen as carriers of joy.”

Why do I share this story with you? Listen globally. Listen to what the Universe is wanting you to hear. Contemplate the messages and let them live in you.

And…stay close to hummingbirds. Mama Hummingbird medicine is relentlessly strong…especially to those she loves.

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