This is not a time of lassitude.

Our Monkey Minds easily move us behind enemy lines where fear, panic, depression, anxiety, frustration, and anger live.

Rein in these separating and destructive emotions with your breath, with huff and puff exercises, with sitting meditation, with your compassionate mindfulness practices. (See past posts to refamiliarize yourself with the practices.)

This is not a time of lassitude. This is a time to evolve and build a new way of living. Resistance is futile, remember?

Bottomline: Continue training the mind to actively move into relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. This will enhance your immune system.

So breathe into it all. Exhale all that is not needed internally. Breathe in all that is needed.

We can do this…for ourselves, our Beloveds and Gaia.

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