Wash your hands!

Keep your immune system strong for yourself and others!
Cough into your elbow.
Sit on your cushion more than you have.
Rest more than is needed.
Eat healthy.
Walk vigorously outside and breathe in the fresh air.
If ill stay home with a good book or movie.
Ask your body, “Body, what do I need to know?”
Listen deeply for the answers.

If you are experiencing fear, call a friend, do morning pages and write about it.
Take a class over Zoom.

Wash your hands!

Reset Time!

Reset time is living in Beginners Mind as fresh eyes and fresh beginnings are revealed.

Here are a few ways Reset Time manifests:
-Follow your intuition as you drive yourself to an unknown location for an overnight.
-Spend 24 hours in your flannel pj’s unplugged so you can plug into your inner world.
-Wander around the town you live in as though for the last time.
-Take yourself out on a date and surprise yourself with unusual gifts.
-Go to bed an hour earlier and get up an hour later. Record your dreams as they arise.
-Give yourself permission to do what you have always wanted to do!

Following through…

We promise ourselves so many things. Sometimes we forget the follow through to make it a reality.

Remember: You are your oldest and dearest friend. Without following through on self-commitment we turn our backs on ourselves and forget who we are.

Challenge: Each day this week fulfill a promise you have made to yourself and follow through.

In this moment: What is alive in you?

Using breath as your ally, imagine the inhale and exhale as a flashlight highlighting what is manifesting within.

Developing awareness takes courage. The courage to go slow while being attentive to how you are naturally unfolding.

Again, ask yourself “What is alive in me?”

Give yourself a few minutes to witness what arises.

I-PhoneLookers and ShoeLookers

Being an I-PhoneLooker or a ShoeLooker keeps us from experiencing the ten directions of a loving life.

As you keep your head down I challenge you to find the heart of love in every thought and feeling that arises from what you view.

ShoeLooker experiencing Hearts of Love
202016 Santa Fe, New Mexico • Ann-Marie

Then bring your head up, breathe in the fresh air and look around.

See the spontaneous smiles of two-leggeds. Listen to the the HumourMakers and feel again how the body comes alive with laughter. Smell the scent of snow coming over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and witness the excitement of your body. Feel your heart beat. Notice the preciousness of your human body.

Let yourself evolve into a MiracleLooker…