An Infinite Mindset

As the mind grasps for stability, safety and security
In a world that feels more unknown than ever…
Here is an antidote ~

Walk purposely under the moon.
Exhale all that is not needed.
Breathe in the moonlight.
Breathe in the stars.
Breathe in infinity.

What energies are you mailing out into the Universe?

Stop and ask yourself, “Is this the energy that I want to mail to others?”

And if not…
Settle the mind with breath.
Once settled ask yourself, “What is my next best action step?”
Listen, trust and follow through.

Bottomline: Imagine if collectively we mailed resiliency, compassion, creativity, ingenuity, trust and love into the Universe.

I’m in. You?

200309 Remain Calm. We are One. • Ann-Marie

Reconsidering Choices

•To say yes or say no to the upcoming plans made months ago.
•To stay or go.
•To pretend it’s business as usual or a time to reconsider and live a bit differently…at least for now.

As we bear witness to the arising choices of how to live our lives remember…everything is impermanent.

By saying no today, what are you saying yes to for tomorrow…or next month…or next fall? And if you do say no to traveling, for instance, what can you say yes to that would benefit you now?

At the ready…to counteract Coronavirus.

Make exercising easy before you can change your mind. Keep your exercise gear at the door! Just like with meditation create a certain time you exercise daily. No negotiation!

200302 • At the ready! • Ann-Marie

Optimize your immune system daily to stay ahead of the coronavirus. Exercise, meditate, wash hands, sleep and rest more, hydrate hourly, cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Keep washing your hands!

My secret formula.

As the alchemist of your life, what ingredients do you sip to keep your immune system strong and healthy? These are mine.

The Five Ingredients of Irish Chai • 200301 • Ann-Marie McKelvey

The recipe I was given by Yogi Bhajan in 1979:
•5 cinnamon sticks
•15-20 cloves
•15-20 peppercorns
•15-20 cardamon pods
•3-5 inches ginger root sliced thin
•Pinch of black tea optional

Fill  large pot with H20. 
Drop in the five ingredients.  
Bring to a soft boil.  
Turn heat down and simmer all day.  
Drink with fresh almond or coconut milk and a dab of wild honey.

Keep on stove simmering lightly with cover askew through winter days.

Wash your hands!

Keep your immune system strong for yourself and others!
Cough into your elbow.
Sit on your cushion more than you have.
Rest more than is needed.
Eat healthy.
Walk vigorously outside and breathe in the fresh air.
If ill stay home with a good book or movie.
Ask your body, “Body, what do I need to know?”
Listen deeply for the answers.

If you are experiencing fear, call a friend, do morning pages and write about it.
Take a class over Zoom.

Wash your hands!