Regrets are like vultures…

Vultures roosting at sunset • Chaco Canyon •Summer Solstice • 190621

…circling around and eating the dead past.

Our regrets, like the vultures, will find their roosting place and fall asleep exhausted.

Be gentle and take good care of yourself during this time remembering “This too shall pass.”

Laughing Meditation…

Sometimes this is what is necessary to move the energy: A good old-fashioned belly laugh!
Our Beloved M. Sweetwater Cafe, Santa Fe, 191009

Today’s Mindfulness Practice:
•For no reason: Giggle. Chortle. Laugh. Loudly!
•Let the grief roll out. The sadness. The confusion. The fear. Let it all go…
•Laugh! Build the energy field of your life.
•Go for 30 seconds.
•What arose in you during those 30 seconds?
•Now imagine…if each of us on this magnificent planet laughed wholeheartedly for 30 seconds what might arise?
•I’ve been doing it at the top of the hour today. Join me? Let’s create a WOW Day!

Remember, it’s not about something that is funny…it’s about the action of laughing, smiling, giggling, chortling. Again…what arises for you….?

Chipping away that which is not you…

Michaelangelo was given a massive block of marble to sculpt his famous statue, David. For two years through rain and shine Michaelangelo sculpted. How did he create this masterpiece?

By chipping away that which was not David…

You are your own sculptor. What actions arise when you ask yourself:
What needs to be chipped away in my life that is not me?
When will I begin chipping?

(Remember we are doing this together!)

Story Lines

Story Lines can be invaluable when it is time to learn something. But when the teaching is over, the need for the Story Line is over. By letting go and moving away from the story we open up into even more of who we are.

Story Lines of Glass.
Ann-Marie McKelvey

A Mindful Practice for Today!
•Choose the Story Line that has stopped serving you.
•Firmly order your Monkey Mind to stop juicing the Story Line with attention.
•Tell your Inner Critic to walk away from it and find another Story Line that will serve you.
•Watch your Gremlin put the unneeded Story Line on the back parking lot of your mind.
•And now…settle into the aliveness within you…what do you notice?
•Keep me posted! I’m doin’ it with you!

“It’s only in the looking back do we see the straight and narrow.”
Darrell Scott – Crooked Road.

The Moment Is Here!

•What project must you do today that you have procrastinated about?
Write it down.

•Note any resistance and leapfrog over it.
(Over-thinking is not allowed.)

•What energy field must you create (in and around you) to move the project forward?
Name and describe it so you can live it!

•Take a deep breath into this new and developing energy field. Exhale out any resistance that may have seeped in.

•Bring your body with you.
Using your imagination physically move and stretch your body into this new, pristine and thriving energy field.

•What are the steps to move your project towards completion?
Write them down…and do them!

•Stay aligned within your energy field! When you move out of it…use your breath and stretch back in.

Please keep me posted. I am doing this with you!

Following and living our highest excitement

Following your highest excitement to the best of your ability in every given moment with out expectations of the outcome! • Norman Rockwell: Outside the Principal’s Office

As a young girl I dared myself to:
•Jump over that wide ditch running with water!
•Stand up on the bike seat and coast down the hill!
•Climb up to the highest branch!
•Hold my breath to 50 under water!
•Water ski over the jelly fish pod!

As a teenager the dares became challenges:
•Complete all your Girl Scout badges by next summer!
•Memorize The Raven in 24 hours!
•Practice, practice and practice after school to make cheerleading try-outs!

Years later the challenges have evolved into letting go of old belief systems and living the highest excitement.

I dare you and I challenge you to choose and follow your highest excitement today while circumventing the belief systems that say otherwise.

Just for today.

Buzz me an email and let me know how it goes…

It can always be tweaked!

Today is the day to commit….and tweak!

Commit to the big one. The little one. The one you committed to years ago and forgot about. Commit to the one that still lives in you. Choose and commit!

Every thing is tweaked once the commitment has been made.

Commit! Move forward. Feel what it is like on this side.

I’m in. You?

(Pssst….How to jump over the fear? Remind your Monkey Mind and Inner Critic it can always be tweaked!)

This evening
the Woman in the Moon
swallowed me
into her mandala.

I wonder…
When my expiration date arrives
will I have lived enough
to swallow life’s mandala
into my fullness?

190912 Moon over El Dorado

Leap Frogging!

LeapFrogging into action!

Once the decision is made, leap frog over the fears, the what-ifs, the shoulds and get into action!

Why? Because Over-Thinking creates paralysis. It sucks out the passionate and adventuresome nature of the original vision.

If you have been considering registering for one of our classes, this is the week to leap frog in and get into action! The classes with a few spots open are:

If Steve Jobs Was Your Coach: Leadership Skills to Thrive

Right Speech: Listening Deeply, Speaking Truth

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