Upgrading You…

Just like with computers and other devices
Software updates are needed for your bio-computer
To create less suffering in your life.

Over this upcoming week I encourage you
To be aware of when you feel
Out of sync with your life…
When you feel separated…
When the Unknown feels fearful.

Write it down and find the antidotes.
Then update your bio-computer
With positive and honest self-talk,
New ways of thinking,
Maybe even a new identity
That is copacetic with
Your 2020 teachings of life.

Express Yourself: The Antidote to Oppression

Release what you have been holding back. Take the lid off and let the emergence of creativity rise.

Oppression holds us back while dissolving passions, excitement, and love.

Breathe in and embody the antidote of living in an expansive mindset. Step into spaciousness without hesitation. Express, express, express.

What have you inherited from the Pandemic?

Pandemic pounds?
Pandemic thoughts?
Pandemic anxiety?
Pandemic hair style?
Pandemic low-level depression?
Pandemic habits?
Pandemic lifestyle?
Pandemic schooling?
Pandemic job?
Pandemic ______?

Do not let CoVid-19 define you.
Do not let CoVid-19 lead you.
Do not let CoVid-19 choose your behavioral defaults.

Today choose healthy antidotes needed
To find your life’s rhythm
In this new world unfolding.

The best way to enjoy what is…

Let go of old belief systems preventing you from enjoying what is right now. Create a new belief that is a natural antidote to the old belief.

For instance, you were going on a remote picnic at the end of the day. But now it’s drizzling! Your old belief system says, “I can’t go on a picnic when it’s drizzling.” What is the antidote?

Align with “what is” by swiftly and consciouslessly choosing the antidote that rises above the “Ain’t It Awful Syndrome”. What are the antidotes when you are tired of wearing the mask and gloves? Not going to a live music concert? Tired of the physical distancing? Tired of…whatever! What are the antidotes?

You have a choice to evolve or dissove with the changes happening throughout our world. Choose your beliefs wisely and remember to go for the antidote!

Armor of Antidotes

Let yourself be protected from fear by the Armor of Antidotes. Below is a short list.
•Meditate and find wisdom alone on your cushion
•Meditate and find wisdom with others (see Silent Support below)
•Dive into calligraphy or collaging or qi gung
•Do breathing exercises on the porch in the fresh air
•Make a simple and colorful meal
•Sip miso as you read an absolutely wickedly wonderful book
•Zoom with a friend and write five syllable poetry together
•Plant seeds and watch nature unfold
•Reach out and love up an elderly friend on the phone
•Create your life!
•Be. Here. Now

For silent support:
Join colleagues from around the world to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” each day from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Our fourth week begins tomorrow. It has become a refuge for many of us.

The Zoom room opens around 5:50am Mountain. So come early and settle in. Then at 6am we begin. Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

Indulging Is a Great Escape…unless it’s not…

Yesterday my French client in her second day of lock-down shared,

I’m indulging. I had a whole pizza for breakfast and then popcorn slathered in butter before lunch. While I binged three movies I ate pancakes drowning in maple syrup. I just wanted to erase Covid-19 from my thoughts. I wanted to binge the fear away. But now I just feel empty and useless.

Choosing indulging as a way to eliminate fear can paralyze us emotionally while disconnecting us from our bodies.

How about using indulging constructively?

At the top of each hour today ask yourself, “How might I engage wholeheartedly in a life of meaning…right now? And then indulge yourself into the answer without waiting!”

Notice what arises and what dissolves.

May we all purposely engage wholeheartedly in a life of meaning today. A life that is focused on contribution, invention, and creativity.

Join us each morning for our daily meditation, “Exploring the Silent Spaces” from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Here is the link :

When fear arrives…

When fear arrives it hides security, safety and stability.
What to do?
Determine the antidotes.

These questions might help:
•What will give me safety in this moment?
•How can I experience security right now?
•What is the first step I can do to meet my needs for stability?
And now engage those answers by putting them into action aka do them!

And then…love yourself up, your oldest and dearest friend.
Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a big long hug…
That hug will often squeeze the fear right out of you.

Okay…enough frivolity…

Time to get back at it! Sun is beginning to go down…

Class files of yesteryear, writing snippets, old love letters, memories upon memories…where is this present moment!

Three hours in…and it doesn’t look like there’s been any accomplishment!

What is the antidote?

Stand Tall with Big Heart ~Somatically, Mindfully, Creatively, Unceasingly!
Inhale deep and exhale deeper remembering this situation is impermanent!

Here we go!

Join me?

Engaging in Focusing and Bearing Witness

Can keep depression away…

191205 Gandolf focused on the hanging crystal while bearing witness to all that is.

Why? Because with mind training the negative self-talk, stagnant qi and isolative behavior of depression is put in the back parking lot of your mind to rest.

Make this your own personal experiment:
Let your eyes focus on an inanimate object. Notice. Keep focusing. Notice what arises in you? Keep focusing. Bear witness on your world just like Gandolf the Cat is doing. What do you notice about your thoughts? Keep focusing in tandem with bearing witness. What do you notice now?

To know more about how mindfulness can be an antidote to depression enroll in The Art of Engaged Mindfulness class. Here’s the academic calendar link to view our Winter, 2020 classes.

Finding stability in an unstable world

One antidote is to simply let the breath guide us into stability. Sit like a strong mountain inhaling and exhaling slowly for five minutes.

Sitting upright like a mountain in the midst of instability.
Southern Colorado 190820

Over time as you focus and cultivate your practice increase the breathwork from five minutes once a day to five minutes three times a day.

As you cultivate this skill your mind and body will engage in calmness and relaxation. It is truly common to feel the stability of a mountain as you continue to practice. Your thoughts will slow down and retire to the back plateau of your mind.