Armor of Antidotes

Let yourself be protected from fear by the Armor of Antidotes. Below is a short list.
•Meditate and find wisdom alone on your cushion
•Meditate and find wisdom with others (see Silent Support below)
•Dive into calligraphy or collaging or qi gung
•Do breathing exercises on the porch in the fresh air
•Make a simple and colorful meal
•Sip miso as you read an absolutely wickedly wonderful book
•Zoom with a friend and write five syllable poetry together
•Plant seeds and watch nature unfold
•Reach out and love up an elderly friend on the phone
•Create your life!
•Be. Here. Now

For silent support:
Join colleagues from around the world to meditate and “Explore the Silent Spaces of Infinite Mindset” each day from 6am – 6:30am Mountain. Our fourth week begins tomorrow. It has become a refuge for many of us.

The Zoom room opens around 5:50am Mountain. So come early and settle in. Then at 6am we begin. Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

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