The Getting UnStuck Ritual

First hydrate.
Now stretch your muscles.
Breathe – exhaling and inhaling deeply.
Feel the stagnant qi begin to move?

Soften your gaze.
Intentionally bear witness
To an open and spacious world.

Delve into your aliveness.
Who you truly are
As you begin again.

Mind training is about conscious choices.
To do or not to do
To be stuck or to flow

What is your choice in this moment?

Give it up to Life!

A Mindfulness Practice:
At the top of each hour today I challenge you to applaud!

Applaud as you watch and participate in Life’s Oscar winning performances for best screenplay, best drama, best comedy, best special effects, best actress and actor.

Applaud yourself into Life’s next moment with spark and humour!

It’s all about staying engaged proactively while bearing witness.
We can do this!

Give it up to life!

Crazy Wisdom

Waiting can be difficult.
Yet to reframe the waiting into being mindful,
We are able to bear witness
Into this timeless sacred moment.

May we transform waiting to living in this sacred moment.

What’s alive in you?

Is it a thought? An image? A sound? Something else? What is it?
What is alive in you?

Being mindful does not mean you become an internal blank slate.
It does mean that you bear witness to the mental continuum within.

One way to investigate the mind is to ask yourself, What is alive in me?
At the top of every waking hour and notice what arises.


What stories did you tell yourself today?

How did the stories come about?
•By witnessing a situation?
•By flaming your emotions?
•By living out the triggers from a previous experience?

Stories lead our lives. They can take us into living our passions or down a dark alley….and everything in between.

Choose carefully the stories you want to tell yourself this week. Once chosen live them wholeheartedly.

Notice how life responds.

Engaging in Focusing and Bearing Witness

Can keep depression away…

191205 Gandolf focused on the hanging crystal while bearing witness to all that is.

Why? Because with mind training the negative self-talk, stagnant qi and isolative behavior of depression is put in the back parking lot of your mind to rest.

Make this your own personal experiment:
Let your eyes focus on an inanimate object. Notice. Keep focusing. Notice what arises in you? Keep focusing. Bear witness on your world just like Gandolf the Cat is doing. What do you notice about your thoughts? Keep focusing in tandem with bearing witness. What do you notice now?

To know more about how mindfulness can be an antidote to depression enroll in The Art of Engaged Mindfulness class. Here’s the academic calendar link to view our Winter, 2020 classes.

Mirror gazing

When you have a moment, find a mirror to look within.

Study your face as if you have never seen it before. This is the physical you.
Breathing in and out: What do you notice as you study your face?
Breathing in and out: Now what do you notice?
Breathing in and out: And now…what do you notice?

What is being shown that you thought was invisible?