Drop the Rock

What rock are you carrying that needs to be dropped?
What is the name of your rock?
The Rock of Shame?
The Rock of Resentment?
The Rock of Worry?

What will it take for you to drop that rock and not look back?
Or are you telling yourself you need to do more inner work?
More writing around it?
More therapy?
More coaching?

Delaying dropping the rock is a choice. Your choice.

When are you going to lighten up!?

Yesterday Is No Longer

We have today. This moment. Right now.

With that nowness comes 18 million choices on how to think, be, and do.

How are you choosing to live this moment? Not yesterday’s moment…but this moment.

In other words…how are you evolving?

The opportunity to begin again…and again…and again…

Each moment we are given the opportunity to begin again. But how?

•Choose to begin again.
•Pause with eyes closed.
•Guide and follow your breath throughout your body.
•Relax into the moment.
•Ask yourself, “How shall I begin again?”
•Listen deeply to what arises.
•Again ask, “How shall I begin again?”
•Trust and follow your answers’ direction.

It’s Different Now

The canvas of your life is painted differently now
But the same colors are there to choose from.
As the Artist of Your Creation
What are you painting on your canvas today?

2019 • Acrylics on paper • Ann-Marie McKelvey


What stories did you tell yourself today?

How did the stories come about?
•By witnessing a situation?
•By flaming your emotions?
•By living out the triggers from a previous experience?

Stories lead our lives. They can take us into living our passions or down a dark alley….and everything in between.

Choose carefully the stories you want to tell yourself this week. Once chosen live them wholeheartedly.

Notice how life responds.

Strong medicine

Energy thoughts are strong medicine that we paint into our lives. They give birth to vibrant qi, they can also foster stagnant qi.

Always your choice…vibrancy or stagnancy…you are the artist!

How shall you paint your life today?

I paint my life with energy thoughts of my choosing.
I am learning to turn away from energy thoughts that do not serve myself or others.
I am the artist of my creation.