“But it wasn’t supposed to be like this…”

And yet it is, just like this.

Over the years my favorite mantra is breathing in Just and breathing out This.

Slowly and steadily:
Just This.
Just This.
Just This.

These two words will bring you back to the moment.
As Just This becomes your ally it will begin breathing you.
Trust Just This.
You are so much more than “Ain’t it awful thinking”.

You are Just This.


When you look ahead
It can be daunting.

But when you are right here, right now in this moment…
It is Just This.

My favorite mindful practice:
•Breathe in JUST
•Exhale THIS
•Repeat in every situation and notice…

As though for the first time…

Beginners Mind is an open state of awareness. It is where belief systems are no longer fed by the past nor the imagined future.

It’s Just This.
It’s What Is.
It’s Here Now.
It is the Thusness of Life.

May you now live in Beginners Mind.

The “Just This Tree”

I invite you to sit and lean up against the trunk of your favorite tree.
Breathing in Just.
Exhaling This.

Leaning in, let the tree support you.
Breathing in Just.
Exhaling This.
Just This.

As you are swallowed up in Just This-ness...
Notice the gifts that surround you.

Just This…

Breathing in…Just…
Exhaling out…This…

Repeat as often as possible…
Just This…
Just This
Just This…

Let your body awaken into relaxation…

Neither This nor That

Living in Suchness

Bearing Witness to Just This

Breathing into What Is

Image yourself into being alive in a world of non-duality. A world where it is neither this nor that. A world of just this. A world where we walk with what is.

What is happening somatically as you mindfully imagine yourself participating in a non-dual world?

Give yourself time to play with this. Watch for shifts in consciousness.

Breathing the Breath of “Just This”

Inhale and silently breathe “Just”
Exhale and silently breathe “This”
Continue for five minutes.

Ink Enso on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper
Ann-Marie McKelvey

As you breathe, deepen into this moment…
~How your body responds
~How your mind responds
~How that which has been hidden arises

Notice the experience of deepening into your mystery…
Just This.