Feeling the burn…

Like in exercising, what feels like the burn today is the strength tomorrow.
Feel into the burn –breathe through it, knowing it brings wisdom, resiliency and strength tomorrow.

Loving us all up!

The Three Treasures Study on Grief and Loss is simple and yet profound, Five minutes each day you focus on these four Loving Kindness Meditation statements:

May we (I, You) now be filled with loving kindness.
May we (I, You) now to safe and protected.
May we (I, You) now be resilient in mind and body.
May we (I, You) now live with ease and joy.

For more specific instructions and to even participate in the study, click here: https://mindfulnesscoachingschool.com/three-treasures-study/

And, of course, if you need help…we’re here!

Deep bow,

P.S. May you give yourself this gift today! It only costs five minutes out of your day!

What energies are you mailing out into the Universe?

Stop and ask yourself, “Is this the energy that I want to mail to others?”

And if not…
Settle the mind with breath.
Once settled ask yourself, “What is my next best action step?”
Listen, trust and follow through.

Bottomline: Imagine if collectively we mailed resiliency, compassion, creativity, ingenuity, trust and love into the Universe.

I’m in. You?

200309 Remain Calm. We are One. • Ann-Marie

Creating Them* as Your Allies

•Cut away all the storylines and go into Stillness.
•Listen to IC, MM and G* from your heart.
•Speak to Them* from your heart.
•Listen again…now even deeper.

•Ask IC, MM, and G* how they can guide you and become your ally.
•LIsten to the story presently told.
•Amplify and manifest by finding a tangible object to represent their answer.
•Proceed into what needs to be acted on in this moment.
•Open to what is. Open to Just This.

*IC = Inner Critic
*MM = Monkey Mind
*G = Gremlin

Remember: No guts, no glory!