Dose Yourself Daily with Strong Medicine

Strong medicine Ideas:
Upping your time on the zafu.
Eating life-giving foods to enhance the immune system.
Reading inspirational essays and books.
Keeping your spirits up with powerful mantras.
Moving your body at least 50 minutes each day.
Collaboring with others.
Going full-tilt boogie with Laughing Meditation!
Exploring new and beneficial ideas arising on Gaia.
Disciplining yourself to look for the goodness in life.
Staying away from toxic news, fearful social media and uninspiring movies.
Loving up your Beloveds.
Loving up you.

Moving the qi with laughter

Laughing meditation – purposely laughing without the stimulus of humour -is strong medicine.

Let go of the belief system “I must be happy to be laughing.”
Let the laughing flow throughout your body awakening the qi.
Let the laughing clear out any somatic debris of stress, frustration, fear, anxiety and stories that don’t serve.

Laugh with abandon for 30 seconds.
Laugh deeply and courageously.
Stop abruptly at 30 seconds.
Notice what you are aware of mentally. emotionally and physically.

Want to continue exploring laughing? Join us each morning for 30 minutes.

Here is the registration link which will give you the Zoom link:

Hoping to laugh with you!

Deep bow,

Strong Energy Medicine…from you!

I encourage you to read the Strong Energy Medicine Words out loud. Consider each word and the energy it gives off. Notice how your body and mind respond.

I love you
Please forgive me
I’m sorry
Thank you
Deep bow
Highest excitement

Thanks to all who participated. There are still more! I’ll continue sharing our strong energy medicine words…keep ’em comin’!

Strong medicine

Energy thoughts are strong medicine that we paint into our lives. They give birth to vibrant qi, they can also foster stagnant qi.

Always your choice…vibrancy or stagnancy…you are the artist!

How shall you paint your life today?

I paint my life with energy thoughts of my choosing.
I am learning to turn away from energy thoughts that do not serve myself or others.
I am the artist of my creation.