How to Give Your IC, MM and G* a Vacation!

Follow the ten steps below! First guide your body into feeling more at ease. Now encourage your IC, MM and G* to go on vacation.

  1. Be aware of the thought and feeling brought to you by IC, MM and G*.
  2. Locate where they live in your body.
  3. Breathe aliveness into that location.
  4. Imagine exhaling all their energies out.
  5. Repeat until your body down regulates.
  6. Once down regulated, put up a stop sign in your mind’s eye when the monologue begins.
  7. Imagine IC, MM and G journeying to their favorite vacation spot to live.
  8. Use Be awake! Be alert! Do not be fooled by anyone (including IC, MM and G)! as a daily mantra to create awareness.
  9. Distract yourself with your favorite passion.
  10. Keep training IC, MM and G* to continue their vacation!

This exercise takes conscientious and pro-active mind training to shift and develop into new patterns. Keep practicing!

*IC = Inner Critic
*MM = Monkey MInd
*G = Gremlin

Remember: No guts, no glory!

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