Following and living our highest excitement

Following your highest excitement to the best of your ability in every given moment with out expectations of the outcome! • Norman Rockwell: Outside the Principal’s Office

As a young girl I dared myself to:
•Jump over that wide ditch running with water!
•Stand up on the bike seat and coast down the hill!
•Climb up to the highest branch!
•Hold my breath to 50 under water!
•Water ski over the jelly fish pod!

As a teenager the dares became challenges:
•Complete all your Girl Scout badges by next summer!
•Memorize The Raven in 24 hours!
•Practice, practice and practice after school to make cheerleading try-outs!

Years later the challenges have evolved into letting go of old belief systems and living the highest excitement.

I dare you and I challenge you to choose and follow your highest excitement today while circumventing the belief systems that say otherwise.

Just for today.

Buzz me an email and let me know how it goes…

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