The News Fast

The month News Fast gave me many teachings and gifts.

Accumulation of unread Sunday morning newspapers…

Just like sitting on my cushion in a ten day silent retreat the first few days were a bit rough with Monkey Mind wondering what was going on out there in the world. Wondering what wasn’t going on. Curious about what might be happening that I needed to know about. Endless mind chatter the first few days.

And then the benefits began. I slept better. I had more time for Loving Kindness Meditation. I exercised more. I began minimalizing my home and lifestyle. My body felt more relaxed and more alive. I had energetic flashes of when I was a little girl and how much I loved living.

Realization: The daily news is a cluttered cluster of energies that I don’t need nor want in my life. I will continue being engaged in the world but there are better ways than reading or watching or listening to the daily news.

(Confession: I did watch the stock market and cryptocurrency.)

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