A Second Chance

Sheltering in place again…
Lock down…
Shut down…
It’s happening…again.

And yet this time we can do it differently.
We know what doesn’t work and what does.
We know what is too much and what isn’t enough.
We’re prepared.
We’re ready.

We can do this…
We don’t have to put ourselves into trance
bingeing food, alcohol, cannabis, news, movies.
We can do it better this time.

We can sit on our cushion a little bit longer.
We can silently recite customized upleveling mantras.
We can forego the baking of bread and go full tilt boogie into letting go of the Pandemic Pounds.
We can contemplate, read, write, paint, draw, collage.
We can love more.

Second chances give us the opportunity to reconsider our past actions…
And move into Right Action.

A deep bow to our second chances…

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