To Avoid Trance-like Behavior…

It’s all about Mind Training.

Consciously stand tall with big heart:
Somatically, mindfully, creatively

Check in with yourself.
Stay in this moment
And do not indulge in Monkey MInd’s
Past or future triggers.

To avoid going into trance be aware of ~
•What thoughts you are running.
•What feelings you are experiencing.
•What images are arising
from the dead past or the imagined future.

Shake your body to keep the qi circulating..
Listen to your body’s wisdom.
Find antidotes to the trances.

Remember: This is not a time for lassitude,

Living in the gaps between thoughts…

Create a robust and wholehearted life
By living in the gaps between opinions, judgements
And the projections of others.

Living outside the gaps is not living.
Instead it is living a life so vague you become useless.

Go deep and wide in the gaps between thoughts.
Feel into the experience. Feel into life.
This is mindfulness.

Tomorrow at 6:27 am Mountain…

I will ask each meditator who has been sitting for 27 minutes,
“How will you contribute to the world today?”

Why do I ask?
Because this is not a time on our beloved planet to indulge in lassitude.
This is a time to rise to the occasion. And then rise higher.

Meditation and mindfulness is about being engaged 100%
First within our inner landscape to find balance and alignment
Then into the outer landscape where we engage and contribute .

How will you engage in and contribute to the world today?


To join us as we explore the silent spaces of meditation each
weekday morning, click here .

How are you viewing the world?

Which lens are you viewing through? Which mindset? Which belief system?

By upping our meditation and utilizing mindfulness practices throughout the day our view becomes more spacious.

Moving into Spacious Mind what do you see in the image below? What else do you see? And now…what do you see?

200810 Ann-Marie • What do you see?

Dedicated to Mike Mullin

Walking our Talk!

Greetings to each of you…

Our school’s foundation is mindfulness, wellness and somatic coaching. When I have said “Yes” to too many things I need to pull back, reassess and do some deep exhales. In this way clarity arrives in her brilliance and I am shown next steps towards realignment and balance.

As you may have noticed I have taken a break from blogging the past eight days. I will be back on it sooner than later.

Meanwhile, consider asking yourself how you can walk your talk even more wholeheartedly. Be ready to follow the straight answers from your BodyMindHeart! ( – :

MCS is hopping right now. We have two new classes as a direct result of Black Lives Matter.

•The first: Coaching Leaders for Today’s Challenges

•Hint for the second class that is not ready to go public quite yet: The life and teachings of a favorite Black she-ro. Want to guess who it might be?

Deep bow with a mischievous grin!

A Mindfulness Practice for Today

Choose the vibrational state you want to experience.
Make a list of actions to live in this state.
Live those actions as if your life depended on it.

This is my simple list to live in a state of trust and serenity today:
•Eat light organic meals
•Unplug all devices
•Write with pen and paper
•Read and contemplate
•Take a good huff and puff walk wtih Mother Nature

What’s alive in you?

Is it a thought? An image? A sound? Something else? What is it?
What is alive in you?

Being mindful does not mean you become an internal blank slate.
It does mean that you bear witness to the mental continuum within.

One way to investigate the mind is to ask yourself, What is alive in me?
At the top of every waking hour and notice what arises.

It’s Friday night in Santa Fe…

And I’m curious…how are you being in this new world of ours?
•What emotions are you upleveling?
•What meditations are you using?
•What mindfulness practices are you taking with you throughout the day?
•And…how do you get stuck and get out of it?

Be gentle with yourself as you integrate and adapt to new ways of living on this amazing planet.

Be gentle and choose wisely your reality.

How will it become visible?

Imagine what you are looking for is looking right at you…but you can’t see it.

How do you make the invisible visible?
•Close your eyes and open into a spacious mindset.
•Soften your body with the energy of kindness.
•Gently open your eyes
•View the world with the fresh eyes of Beginners Mind.

What has become visible?

Neither This nor That

Living in Suchness

Bearing Witness to Just This

Breathing into What Is

Image yourself into being alive in a world of non-duality. A world where it is neither this nor that. A world of just this. A world where we walk with what is.

What is happening somatically as you mindfully imagine yourself participating in a non-dual world?

Give yourself time to play with this. Watch for shifts in consciousness.