To Lara entering her 18th year…

You are entering into a new age.  A new way of being.  A new way of moving forward. 

Dedicated to Lara as she enters her 18th year…

•May you remember that each moment is a new entering into life’s mysteries.
•May you view life through the eyes of Beginners Mind even when your patience dwindles and breath is shallow. 
•May you create the ordinary into the extraordinary knowing that it is then when life’s passions are birthed. 
•May you be blessed as you lead with resiliency and determination your heart’s passions.
•May each entering be filled with conscious and discerning choices as life unfolds itself.

Bottomline: I bow deeply to you as you enter the Alchemy of Womanhood. May you go full-tilt boogie into your 18th year savoring each moment, always remembering we are here for you when needed!

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