A Mindfulness Practice for Today

InHale New Beginings,
ExHale all stagnant qi.

InHale Fresh Eyes,
Exhale a Fixed Mindset

Inhale the love that surrounds,
ExHale judgements and opinions.

InHale all that is needed,
ExHale all that is not .

Remember: The breath is your ally.

The opportunity to begin again…and again…and again…

Each moment we are given the opportunity to begin again. But how?

•Choose to begin again.
•Pause with eyes closed.
•Guide and follow your breath throughout your body.
•Relax into the moment.
•Ask yourself, “How shall I begin again?”
•Listen deeply to what arises.
•Again ask, “How shall I begin again?”
•Trust and follow your answers’ direction.

How do we know when we have enough?

200311 • Empty bins in bulk foods • Ann-Marie McKelvey

How do we know when we have enough?
How do we know when we are prepared enough?
How do we know when it is good enough?

As we reinvent our lives for this new chapter
Remember to prepare yourself each morning
By purposely sitting quietly on the cushion
Breathing in and out
Creating the Unknown as your ally.

And remember…together we are a strong mandala!

Listen as ordinary sounds transform into a symphony

A Mindfulness Practice for Today

•Living in Beginners Mind go to your favorite café when it’s noisy
•Follow your body’s lead on where to sit
•Order your favorites
•Waiting…relax and deepen into the spaciousness where judgements, resentments and expectations do not live
•Breathe into the sounds around you

*Let the sounds organize themselves into a symphony
•Listen for the melody.  The rhythmic beat.  The harmonics.
•Listen as you would to Yo-Yo Ma, Keith Jarrett or Chick Correa
•Let yourself be inspired by the transformation
•What is alive in you?

Just This

You made it.
You are here.

Breathe it in…this newness.
Pretty wonderful, huh?
That’s it. That’s all there is.

Just This.

Presenting Your Whole Self to the Now of 2019

  • Closing your eyes, breathe out all that is not needed. 
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Breathe out all that is no longer required
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Breathe out all that is outdated
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Breathe out all that no longer serves
  • Inhale all that is needed.
  • Repeat.

Reveal yourself to yourself. The self that is you…not the programming of your culture, your parents, your brother or sister.  Reveal yourself to yourself.  Look in the mirror of your mind.

Sink in.

What does your true face reveal?